Divine Food


Divine Food – Israeli and Palestinian food culture and recepies

Israeli and Palestinian people share an outstanding and dynamic cuisine. Divine Food is a visually striking collection of recipes from local markets, Arab traditions, the nomadic tribes of the desert, and the hip restaurants of Tel Aviv.

Israeli and Palestinian food is ripe with flavor and enticing intricacies. Intersections of trade routes led to the interchange of ingredients and that trend is still apparent today. Divine Food embarks on a culinary journey from the North, with its temperate climate and succulent vegetables; to Tel Aviv, where young chefs find new ways to interpret culinary traditions; to Jerusalem, a city of pilgrimage that boasts a myriad of staple dishes; and to the South where nomadic lifestyles inspire desert cuisine.

From shakshuka to challah to baklava, regional recipes provide insight into the origins of iconic and delectable dishes. The recipes compiled within Divine Food are clearly explained and invite home cooks and foodies alike to bask in their bold flavors.  Wherever your dinner table may lie, these recipes transport the aromas and tastes of the Mediterranean. Because the food of the region is characterized by authenticity and tradition, the insight is both culinary and historical. A stunning regional portrait and a go-to treasury of recipes, Divine Food transcends the label of cookbook.


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